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Weather Kids and Water Cycle Units BUNDLE


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Engage your students in hands-on learning for the weather and the water cycle! These units integrate science, language arts, writing, math, social studies, art and/or drama. Your students will love these weather and water cycle activities! Both of these units include beautiful, full colored pages as well as black & white ink saver versions.


This is a bundle with the following two products. You save 20% when you purchase both products in the bundle! Click on each title to view its full product description.

Please review these units thoroughly before purchasing to be sure it covers the standards you are required to meet and is a good fit for your class (product description and preview)!

Weather Unit Contents

Weather Unit Outline
An outline of the entire unit
Unit Introductory Lesson
This lesson introduces students to the topic of the weather and meteorologists
Meteorologist Lesson
This lesson will teach students what a meteorologist does for their job, and review meteorologist vocabulary.
Meteorologist Journal Instructions
The instructions outline how students use their meteorologist journals each day.
Weather Forecast Script Lesson Plan
Students will write a script for their meteorologist weather forecast video.
Weather Forecast Video Lesson Plan
Students will film their weather forecast videos.
Weather Vocabulary Cards/Word Wall/Posters
These vocabulary pages contain REAL PICTURES and the definitions of the following weather vocabulary words:
–Rain Gauge
Note to Parents
A note to parents is included to let them know about due dates for the unit. You can type the dates and your name right into the letter!
Meteorologist Journal Covers
Two versions are included, one with a boy meteorologist and one with a girl meteorologist.
Meteorologist Journal Worksheets
Two worksheets (Weather and You! Worksheet About Meteorologists) will help your students review what they have learned before they begin their journals.
Meteorologist Journal Days 1-14
Days #1-#14 for the meteorologist journals, formatted as discussed in the full product description for this unit.
Meteorologist Journal Blank Days
Two blank date pages in case you decide you would like to go beyond the two week period
Weather Conditions Bar Graph
A bar graph where students can graph how often each weather pattern occurred during the two weeks.
Weather Forecast Video Outline
Students will outline their ideas for their final project
Weather Forecast Video Script
Students will write their script for their final project
Meteorologist Journal Rubric
A grading rubric for the teacher to assess the student’s meteorologist journals
Weather Forecast Rubric
A grading rubric for the teacher to assess the student’s weather forecast videos
Weather Unit Write Up
Students will write up about what they learned from the unit.
Black and White Pages
ALL pages (besides Vocabulary Posters) included in both color AND black and white!

Water Cycle Unit Contents

Water Cycle Thematic Unit Outline
This outline gives a brief overview of each of the components of the entire product.
Unit Sample Calendar
The sample calendar is a guide to use each of the lessons as a complete water cycle unit.
Unit Introduction Lesson and Water Cycle KWL
This introductory lesson introduces the students to the water cycle and has the students fill out the first part of their water cycle KWL chart.
Water Cycle Vocabulary Lesson and Worksheets
This water cycle vocabulary lesson and worksheets will familiarize your students with the terminology associated with the water cycle. You may use the Vocabulary Cards during this lesson as well!
Water Cycle Vocabulary Cards/Word Wall/Posters These Vocabulary pages contain REAL PICTURES and the definitions of the following water cycle vocabulary words:
–The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle Worksheet
This worksheet has students fill in each of the steps of the water cycle.
Science Lesson Plan and Worksheets
Students will create their own mini water cycle using a bowl, mug, water, etc. to show each of the steps. They will conduct the experiment using the scientific method.
Language Arts Lesson Plan and Worksheet
Students will create a “Living Sentence” for the water cycle. Students will review the parts of speech to create an interesting sentence and act it out as a group.
Writing Lesson Plan and Worksheet
Students will write a “Story of a Raindrop” about a raindrop going through the water cycle
Art Lesson Plan
Students will create a shaving cream artwork of the water cycle.
Social Studies Lesson and Worksheet
Students will learn about how the water cycle affects them and their community.
Water Cycle Newspaper Project Lesson Plan and Newspaper Template
Students will write two articles about the water cycle in their community, a comic, and an illustration. A draft newspaper template and final newspaper template are included.
Water Cycle Unit Rubrics
Rubrics are included for the lessons and for the final project.
Black and White Versions!
All pages (besides vocabulary poster/ word wall pages) are included in both color AND black and white for your convenience!


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Weather Kids and Water Cycle Units BUNDLE


Purchase this product now and earn 9 Points!