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Answers to ALL Your Questions About Wife Teacher Mommy Club

Have you heard the exciting news?? We have a membership program, Wife Teacher Mommy Club!

This will be your secret weapon to meet the needs of every child, plus SO MUCH MORE… without paying extra!

Women in a circle with hands together. Answers to all your questions about Wife Teacher Mommy Club

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we’ve been hearing:

“What is included in the membership program?” 

  • Access to our ENTIRE resource catalog for Pre-K through 6th grades so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips. All it takes is one simple click to download our teaching resources.
  • Exclusive early access to new resources before they are available to purchase in the shop.
  • A community of like-minded club members to share tips and experiences utilizing all of the resources.
  • Support from Team Wife Teacher Mommy so we can help you utilize the resources in the best way possible to maximize your planning time and have more time to spend doing other things you love. 
  • Exclusive access to future events we hold JUST for members.
  • Life coaching with Chrissy from The Chrissy Concept
  • Special giveaways, gifts, and surprises along the way. 

“Do we really get access to your entire store for one monthly price?

Yes, that is exactly what you get, plus MORE. Exclusive resources only for members, a members community, and future events and swag- to name a few perks of being in Wife Teacher Mommy Club.

For one low, predictable monthly or annual rate, you’ll get access to EVERY. SINGLE. RESOURCE. we have ever created… plus Club member-exclusive resources and MUCH MORE to come!

And of course, while the club isn’t free- I promise to give you SO MUCH MORE than we receive when you join the Club. You will NOT regret joining, I promise. There is so much you’ll get right away and even more fun in store.

But… what if I told you that you could save EVEN MORE? You can join at an annual rate and save even more!

Either way, you’re getting an AMAZING deal!

“Is there a limit to the number of downloads per month or per year?”

Nope! We’re all adults here… and we trust you have integrity and value our work, so you are joining the Club with good intentions. We have so much in store and every reason for you to stay a paying member! New resources every month, plus all the perks we listed above.

The only reason we could possibly change this is if we find it is being abused, but then that would only be for future (new) members. So lock in unlimited downloads at this low rate.

“With so many resources, where do I start?”

The answer will be different for everyone. With our ENTIRE Wife Teacher Mommy resource library available to you, it can be overwhelming of knowing where to start.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Start by asking yourself a few questions to figure out your top classroom priorities:

  • Do you have your sub binder and/or tub ready to go? If not, start there! It will relieve the stress of an unexpected absence.
  • Do you need to help with a certain subject area- writing, reading, math, science, or social studies? If you answer yes to any of these areas, start there and look for resources in those specific categories.
  • Do you want to target specific skills? Look at our 36 Weeks of Skills to find the skills you want to target.
  • Do you need more options for differentiation? Review options for grade levels above and below the grade you teach to find the resources to help you with the different levels in your classroom.
  • Do you want extra activities to have on hand for early finishers, extra help, or homework? Again, check out our 36 Weeks of Skills or our club-exclusive Directed Drawings with monthly themes which include fun writing activities for your students.
  • Do you want activities with monthly or holiday themes? Check out the monthly sub plans for math and ELA or our Candy Math & More activities.

“How does teacher life coaching work?”

We are so excited to offer teacher life coaching for our members! Our life coach hosts 2-3 live group coaching sessions each month that all Wife Teacher Mommy Club members are invited to join and ask questions.

In addition, we have our Ask A Coach area where members can ask questions to our life coach and she will respond with written answers.

Jennifer B’s Wife Teacher Mommy Club Story

Wondering if Wife Teacher Mommy Club is worth joining? We would definitely tell you that it was worth it, but you don’t want to hear it from us. Here is a testimonial from one of our Club members that will help you see just how worth it the Club is!

What are you waiting for? Join Wife Teacher Mommy Club Today!

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