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9 gifts for pregnant teachers from students & parents they are guaranteed to love!

Inside: Looking for gifts for pregnant teachers? Here’s a list of 9 gift ideas!

At about 36 weeks along, I got the sweetest gift from a student. Her name was Mackenzie, and she came in and told me about how she had been asking her mom for a while to take her shopping for my baby. The gift was simple, an elephant toy and blanket. It meant so much though that Mackenzie had thought to bring me a gift. 

If you are looking for pregnant teacher gift ideas, I’ve compiled a list of 9 ideas for you! I’m sure your child’s teacher will love these gifts and appreciate the thoughtfulness of her students.

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Blue & pink baby gifts- 9 gifts for pregnant teachers from students and parents

Help start a home library

Something I know to be true about every teacher, is they love books. Books are a perfect gift for a pregnant teacher! She will love being able to read the story to her own children and be reminded of her school children.

I’ve heard of so many cute ideas for gifting baby books. You can pick a favorite children’s book and write a note to the teacher inside or have all the students in the class sign the book. Have each student pick their own favorite book to gift. 

One of my favorite book gift for pregnant teacher ideas came from our Facebook group, Wife Teacher Mommies Unite, Christie T. shared, “I was teaching third grade when my oldest was born…our art teacher had each student in my class create a page for a book of “baby advice” — SO CUTE”

There are lots of cute ways to give book gifts to pregnant teachers! 

Decorate onesies

When my first baby was born, I had NO IDEA how many onesies I would go through! Between layering for the baby to stay warm, blowouts, spit-ups, and spills, you need lots! 

Onesies are a necessity and a fun gift for pregnant teachers from students. Buy onesies in a few different sizes. Then have all the students decorate a onesie with markers or paint.  Wrap them all up and give them to their teacher.

This is a personalized gift that they will love!

Diapers and wipes

In our Wife Teacher Mommies Unite Group, Cassidy V. shared, “My school threw me a diaper shower. We hardly bought diapers the first year, it was amazing!!!” 

Diapers and wipes, while not always the cutest gift, are so useful. The costs of diapers and wipes add up quickly. It is a pregnant teacher gift that they will greatly appreciate. 

Other baby gear essentials

The teacher next door to me gave me an ENORMOUS stack of burp rags when I was expecting. I’m sure my face what shocked and she was like, “trust me, you’ll need more than this.” Kind of like the onesies, I thought there was no way and then was very surprised at how right she was. 

Basic baby gear is always needed. Bottles, binkies, burp rags, swaddles, are all helpful and a great gift for pregnant teachers because they will definitely be used. 

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Assembled Diaper Pail with Odor LockLuvable Friends Print Coral Fleece Blanket, Gray CirclesLuvable Friends Print Coral Fleece Blanket, Gray CirclesHALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Cream, SmallHALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Cream, SmallTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle, 9 Ounce, 6Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle, 9 Ounce, 6Gerber Baby Unisex 6 Pack Socks, White, 3-6 MonthsGerber Baby Unisex 6 Pack Socks, White, 3-6 MonthsMy Mom is a Teacher What Super Power Your MomMy Mom is a Teacher What Super Power Your MomInktastic - Teacher Mom School Owl Baby Bib White/PinkInktastic – Teacher Mom School Owl Baby Bib White/PinkKEEP CALM, MY MOM'S A TEACHER / Funny Teaching OnesieKEEP CALM, MY MOM’S A TEACHER / Funny Teaching OnesieKeep Calm Or I Will Use My Teacher Voice FunnyKeep Calm Or I Will Use My Teacher Voice Funny

Maternity leave resources

Preparing for a new baby and maternity leave can be stressful. Take some of that stress off of a pregnant teacher with Wife Teacher Mommy’s Maternity Leave Resources

Our maternity leave sub-plans and sub binders have been used (and loved) by thousands of teachers. And if your teacher friend hasn’t announced her pregnancy or baby’s gender to the class yet, check out our Pregnancy Announcement Activities or Gender Reveal Activity!

Snacks & treats

I worked as a long-term substitute for a few different teachers who were out on maternity leave. One of them had snacks hidden in every drawer or cupboard in her classroom. I thought it was so funny and didn’t totally understand it until I was in her shoes. 

Find out your child’s teacher’s favorite foods, snacks, or treats and gift those to her. Another gift she will love! 

Gift cards

Gift cards are always a favorite pregnant teacher gift. Some of the most helpful gifts I got were Doordash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats gift cards. It was so nice to not have to worry about cooking dinner some days. 

Other teachers said they loved gift cards to Target, BuyBuyBaby, or Amazon

Baby camera

Another baby MUST from our founder Kelsey is a baby camera. She recommends the Wyze camera. Even though it’s not specifically designed for babies, it works perfectly! Then as the baby gets older you can continue to use it. Rachael, one of our other Wife Teacher Mommy team members, says they are still great even when you have teenagers! 

Volunteer in the classroom

Teaching makes you tired. Pregnancy makes you tired. A pregnant teacher is exhausted. Take a load off of her by volunteering to help in the classroom. 

Work with your child’s teacher to find out what would be the most helpful. Maybe it is helping with small groups, taking the class to rotations, or just having an extra adult in the classroom for monitoring. I had a couple of parents do this while I was expecting and it was so nice! 

A bonus of volunteering is that you as a parent know what is going on in the classroom and you can be extra helpful to the long-term substitute teacher.

Have fun shopping for pregnant teacher gifts! From my experience, she will appreciate that you thought of her!

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