Snow Days: How to Be Prepared for the Unexpected

I only had one snow day during my time in school. I was in Kindergarten. I remember my mom driving my brother and me to school and our principal standing outside in the snowstorm waving to tell everyone to go home. (This was obviously a few years before the internet or smartphones.)

The biggest reason I remember the snow day is because I had to go in on a Saturday morning to make up that day of school. 

A few years ago, my nephews’ school had a TON of snow days. They had so many snowstorms that winter that they didn’t have enough days planned to make it up so they instead had to adjust the school schedule to make short days full days of school to make up the time. 

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To avoid these situations of makeup days or adjusted school schedules, many schools and school districts are moving away from having snow days as days off to remote learning days as shown in a quick Google search:

One thing is certain, winter brings unexpected weather. In many places snow days are inevitable and so are the disruptions they bring to everyone’s plans. And as many places are moving to remote learning days that may mean a quick change from in-person lessons to online. 

I’m positive nobody wants to scramble the morning of a snow day to quickly re-write lesson plans or try to figure out how to adapt them to distance learning. 

But like an emergency sub day, you want students to have quality, standards-based activities to make sure they are still learning. Wife Teacher Mommy has the solution for you:

Introducing Snow Day Packets! 

Our Lower and Upper-Grade Snow Day Packets are the answers to your prayers on an unexpected snow day! Everything your students will need to have an education-filled day from the comfort of their own home all assigned digitally!

Be prepared with ready-to-go snow day plans, easily upload and go! 

What snow day lesson plans packets options does Wife Teacher Mommy offer?

We have divided our Snow Day Packets into Upper Grade (3-6) or Lower Grade (K-2). With the mix of grades, you can differentiate to meet the needs of your students.

Both grade level bundles come in digital, print, or digital & print. 

What do the snow day lesson plans packets include?

  • 3 different Language Arts lesson plans with accompanying worksheets tailored to each grade level (prefixes & suffixes, similes, and parts of speech)
  • 3 expertly leveled reading passages with comprehension questions to get your students working on their reading skills
  • Hands-on science experiment lesson plan with differentiated worksheets to reach all learners
  • Color By Code/Equation Activities for each grade level
  • 2 different art lesson plans with activity
  • Winter themed Acrostic Poem Writing Lesson and Worksheet
  • ELA and Math Review Games for each grade level

It’s true that your students won’t be doing exactly what you had planned for in-person lessons that day but they will be learning with quality, standards-based activities.

The best part is you’ll be prepared and won’t have to worry about what you are going to do when a snow day does happen.

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