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Wife Teacher Mommy Club gives you access to READY TO GO differentiated resources AND life coaching to save you time & stress!

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Join thousands of teachers and homeschool educators who have joined us in Wife Teacher Mommy Club.

All of the obligations and mental load of being a homeschool mom can be overwhelming to say the leastI get it. I’ve been there too.

That’s why we created Wife Teacher Mommy Club, to help support you in your homeschool life to give you the balance that you crave in your homeschool life. 

Your to your best homeschool life

Our top-selling resources have been used and loved by tens of thousands of teachers & homeschool educators, and the Club gives you one click access to all of them. Plus, you’ll have our certified life coach in your back pocket (←that combo is our secret sauce)

Think of us as your own PERSONAL TEAM, doing lesson planning FOR YOU and on the sidelines coaching you and cheering you on as you focus on what you do best… impacting the children you teach.

Your homeschool friends’ jaws will drop when they see how many fun activities you have to do with your kids… not to mention the glow of the happier, more fulfilled YOU!

With Wife Teacher Mommy Club,


That’s right! When you join us in the Club, you’ll get one-click download access to EVERY SINGLE resource we’ve created over the last 8 years.

It’s not just fluff and busy work, either. They are high-quality resources trusted by tens of thousands of teachers, created by a team of teachers who know exactly what you need.

With your free monthly membership, you’ll get 50 downloads per month, which is more than enough!

When you join as an annual member, you’ll get unlimited downloads each month!

We’re pretty crazy to allow annual members unlimited access for such a low price… but we want to make our resource library accessible to as many teachers as possible because you deserve time doing what you love!

For you exclusive first month membership trial. Renews at $29.99/month as long as membership is active. Cancel anytime easily in your own account. Clicking the button will give you instant access






For you exclusive first month membership trial. Renews at $29.99/month as long as membership is active. Cancel anytime easily in your own account. Clicking the button will give you instant access


Our wide variety of grade levels and belief in differentiation make it easy for our club to meet your learners at a wide range of levels. Pull the same resource at different levels for different kids… all included with the Club experience! 

Here are just a few example scenarios where you’ll find the range of resources we offer come in handy:


For you exclusive first month membership trial. Renews at $29.99/month as long as membership is active. Cancel anytime easily in your own account. Clicking the button will give you instant access

PLUS as a homeschool educator we know that mental well-being is critical for success.

When you have your mental wellness taken care of, you are able to:

So as a Club Member, you are also granted VIP access to our



exclusively for Wife Teacher Mommy Club members.

We don’t just let you download resources and then show you out the door. Because you can have all of the resources in the world, but if you’re spiraling in overwhelm, you need more support. We’re here to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful.



Working with a life coach normally costs thousands of dollars (trust me, I’ve done it because it’s TOTALLY worth it) but our group coaching is INCLUDED in your Club experience.

“I have teared up, came to realization, and honestly got my fire coming back. You and your team have truly created an experience that so many teachers have needed and wanted... Wife Teacher Mommy is truly a community I always want to be a part of. Keep it up!"

-Shelby B.

PLUS, you'll get ongoing coaching between the events. You’ll be able to attend 2 calls every month with our certified life coaches focused on a topic voted on by members

(plus open time for ANY question you bring to coaching at the end of each call).

Replays available for ALL events and coaching calls (both video & private podcast) so you can listen on the go. 

These workshops will help you learn tools that you can apply to ANY aspect of your life for a better mindset inside and outside the classroom. 

You may even have the chance to be coached 1:1 if you attend live and raise your hand. If you can’t attend live, you can always catch the replay. 

You will not find this premium experience with unlimited teaching resources, unparalleled teacher/homeschool parent events, and life coaching together anywhere else! (Trust us, we’ve looked!)

But don’t take our word for how amazing the Club experience is!

Check out what our members have to say:

Bethany B.

Sara R.

Jennifer H.

Theresa G.

Jennifer G.

Melissa R.



We always send a tumbler to ANNUAL members, and we’ve just unveiled a new skinny tumbler design! Will keep your drink cold all day and now comes with a straw!


For you exclusive first month membership trial. Renews at $29.99/month as long as membership is active. Cancel anytime easily in your own account. Clicking the button will give you instant access


If you were to buy our most popular Wife Teacher Mommy resources individually… you’d be paying a WHOLE lot more than joining the Club!

Here’s a breakdown of how much our most popular resources would cost if you purchased all of the grade levels individually from our shop… 

The Club is an incredible value with everything listed above.

But, we like to give more than we receive, so you’ll also get these irresistable bonuses….


Love our resources? What if you could request that we create exactly what you need? Your wish may just be our command! Add your ideas, and upvote other ideas you like from others, too. Our full-time team will implement as many ideas as we can and communicate along the way. The only way to get a say in what we create is by joining the Club!

“I love all the resources this club has to offer. If there is something I am looking for but can’t find I just send in a request and eventually it’s made. It is a one stop shop. I save so much money checking here before TPT.”

-Spirit K.

ASK A COACH PORTAL ($99/month value)

Thinking you won’t get your own personalized coaching in the Club? Think again! With our Ask a Coach section… you can submit any of your teacher problems, 24/7. Questions will be answered every week Sunday-Monday. Use it daily, or just when a problem comes up. The choice is yours, and either way you’ll see a positive impact in your life. This is a great addition to the Zoom coaching calls!

"I randomly found you guys through a Facebook ad as a teacher, we all know that we try to find a large quantity of resources to be a better teacher. Today is my first zoom meeting with you guys. And I've learned so much in one session."




Think you don’t have TIME to join the coaching? Think again, because if you spend as little as 20 minutes per week in the car, on the treadmill, or cleaning… you DO have time with our members only private podcast. We’ll put every coaching call on our Wife Teacher Mommy Club Private Podcast feed, so you can listen on-the-go without missing a beat.

PLUS… If you love the public Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast, I do bonus segments with every guest that I bring onto the public podcast! These bonus segments are only for members!

“This podcast touches on many topics that (as a teacher) I may not think of as essential to our children learning to their fullest potential. The resources mentioned are amazing and extremely helpful to close those gaps. The timing of each podcast is also perfect for listening to during my planning period. I will definitely continue to listen and implement all that the Club has to offer."



You’ll get to join our Facebook community with like-minded members who are using the same resources & implementing the same coaching tools. See how others are using the resources in the group or ask questions about the best ways to use them! Plus, we post frequent giveaways, and occasional pre-paid Starbucks gift cards in the group only for members!

"Agreed! The best website that I have ever subscribed to and kept! It is worth every cent! I love that new things are constantly beign added. I also like that there are real people that can be contacted and you can talk with!"

-SweetMrs G.


Every member who joins us annually will be sent a tumbler in the mail as a thank you for their commitment to joining the Club. 

"Thank you for my gift! Can't wait to take this to school. Such a happy package to come home to!" 

-Jennifer G.


Every member (monthly AND annual) will receive a teacher bag bundle with a bag and surprise goodies as a thank you for spending a year with us! (sent after 13th monthly or 2nd annual renewal)

“Ooooh the bag is bigger than I thought!" 

-Ashley K.


Feel like you might be lost in all the resources and not sure where to start? No need to worry! We created a Club Guide for you. We will also support you along the way with your new member journey. You’ll get premium support as a member!

“A Club that cares!" 

-Stephanie S.


I’m Kelsey, and I founded Wife Teacher Mommy in 2014 when I decided to stay home with my first little guy and substitute teach on the side. As a sub, I realized teachers needed way more support with their sub plans, so I created some and threw them onto TPT. 


Fast forward to now…. Wife Teacher Mommy grew from a little one-woman TPT shop to a teacher team that has served hundreds of thousands of teachers with resources, blog posts, podcasts, events, and so much more.

The reason we do what we do every day is to empower teachers and homeschool parents to live their best lives with standards-aligned, differentiated resources, mindset coaching, and community support.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to go at it alone and that resources and coaching should be accessible to every educator. That’s why we give EVERYTHING we have to offer to you inside the Club. We hold nothing back!


We know there are a lot of teacher resource companies out there, but what makes us different is that we offer a wide variety of resources for a wide range of levels, mindset coaching, a summer conference, and more to impact you as a WHOLE TEACHER. It’s not just resources here… but a full experience you won’t find anywhere else. 


We want to deliver on our promise to you within 90 days (or sooner!). If you can show us that you in your absolute best efforts to make your BEST homeschool parent life with the Club by using the resources in your classroom or homeschool, attending coaching calls, participating in our member community, listening to the members only private podcast… and you DON’T see a positive impact in your homeschool parent life, we will give you your money back AND buy you a Starbucks drink. 

(Truth bomb though… if you try to pull a hit-and-run by downloading hundreds of resources, not participating in the community, never attend a coaching call, and THEN emailing us for your money back, that’s not happening, my friend #sorrynotsorry We’re all about integrity here!)

We’re that confident that if you fully utilize the Club, you are going to gain SO MUCH from your experience that you’d give give up your weekly Starbucks or Target run before giving up Wife Teacher Mommy Club (our members say it’s THAT good!) 


You will get access to a special members-only dashboard to easily access all of your Wife Teacher Mommy Club perks. This dashboard will link to the main members shop where ALL of our resources we have ever created are hosted with free “Download” buttons instead of adding each resource to your cart. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate, but we also have videos in the Club dashboard to help you navigate as well.

We cover a range of grade levles from Pre-K through 6th grade! While not every resource has a version for the entire range, if you teach within that range there are enough resources for you to make the Club well worth it. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who has students or their own children at a wide variety of levels to be able to meet every child at their level.

Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in creating high quality teaching resources that meet the CCSS standards. Our resources have been created by a team of teachers so we know exactly what you need! Over 60,000 customers love our resources and now you’re able to access all of them with Wife Teacher Mommy Club.

Nope! Every resource we have ever created is included…. Plus MORE Club Exclusive resources and perks. Our members get it all!

Every month- sometimes even every week (depending on the size of the resources we are working on) We are constantly adding more resources to the Club, so you’ll want to check back often. 

We have converted many of them to Google Slides format, and all new resources include a Google Slides option if it makes sense for the resource. You also have our full permission to upload any resource from us to tools such as Kami or Easel to make them digital.

Absolutely! When you join the membership, you get access to EVERY RESOURCE we’ve ever created, at EVERY LEVEL. It is highly unlikely that you’ve purchased all of the resources from our library that you can use. Additionally, we plan to add new resources EVERY month so you’ll get your money’s worth with the new resources we add. You’ll also get access to our #TeacherLife coaching program, VIP Access to Educate & Rejuvenate each summer, and so many more perks that are only available with the full Club experience. 

You’ll get so much more bang for your buck when you join the Club. You could spend more just buying one bundle on TPT each month! Plus, you can grab the same resources for different grade levels to meet EVERY child you teach… without paying extra (you can’t do that on TPT!)

With the Club, you’ll also get access to THOUSANDS of dollars of resources immediately, Club exclusive resources, well more than $29.99 worth of NEW resources added each month, mindset coaching, community, VIP access to Educate & Rejuvenate, a private podcast, and so much more that is only available with the Club.

For sure! While the Facebook Community is a great bonus to the Club, the bulk of the value will come from the resources you’re able to access and the time they will save you.

Good question, and one that so many teachers have! Life coaching is a tool that helps us to analyze our thoughts and how they impact our feelings, actions, and results in our lives. Our teacher-oriented life coaching will help you enjoy teaching as much as possible!

Teachers have a lot on their plates, and that is why we want to give you extra support! We ALL struggle with something from time to time. Whether you’re struggling with how to stop grading on the weekends, having a conversation with a difficult parent, or any other teacher challenge… we are here for you to help you get “unstuck!” 

If you spend a combined total of one hour per week in the car, cleaning, or working out- you have time to take advantage of the coaching tools by listening on the private podcast! So basically- you DO have time! 😉

We obviously hope you’ll stick around for years to come and want to make sure we support you in the best way possible. But we know that you might decide to cancel your membership, so we’ve made it super simple! Just email us (within 48 hours of your next renewal) and we’ll help you take care of a cancellation. When your membership is cancelled, you’ll retain access for the time period that you paid for.

You’ll also have the option to pause your membership for up to 3 months if you’d prefer, to keep your status towards your Annual Member Gift (you may pause once per year to keep your status). 

Yes and no. You are covered by our 90 Day #TeacherLife Guarantee… see details above.

No, this price is for ONE user, and it is an incredible deal vs. purchasing the resources individually! Thank you for respecting our copyright.

Yes! Contact us at hello@wifeteachermommy.com and we will be happy to work with you.

You sure can! It’s an easy swap in your Club member dashboard.

Good question! We think it’s one of the easiest choices you could make as a teacher or homeschool parent. With the wide variety of resources we offer, the mindset coaching that can help ANYONE with a human brain, and all of the perks just for Club members- for less than a dollar a day? It’s a no-brainer!

So if after reading this whole page, you’re feeling

…then Wife Teacher Mommy Club is where you belong! And if you check all these boxes, this should be a pretty easy decision to make! 

Think of us as your personal team doing the hard work for you!

For you exclusive first month membership trial. Renews at $29.99/month as long as membership is active. Cancel anytime easily in your own account. Clicking the button will give you instant access

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