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Teacher Summer Break: 7 Items On Your To-Do List

Inside: A to-do for you during your teacher summer break.

One summer, I made myself a HUGE teacher “to-do” list.

  • Multiple Professional Development opportunities, including some amazing classes and a trip to Washington, D.C.
  • Work with other teachers across the state to create resources for the new state standards.
  • Revamp my own lesson plans to fit the new state standards.
  • Meet with my grade-level team to work on this together, too. 

The good news is I accomplished my to-do list! I learned a ton in the classes I took and I was excited to implement all the new things I learned in my classroom. I even earned some extra money! But by the time August came around, I realized I only had 2 weeks left of summer vacation, where had my summer gone?! I worked all summer and did not give myself a real break. 

After that, I made myself a teacher summer break to-do list, to make myself relax and focus on things outside of my job for at least a little bit.

Woman reading a book- Teacher Summer Break To-Do List

Why do teachers need summer breaks?

Teaching is one of the most demanding professions. It is often much more than a full-time job during the school year.

Just think of your teacher to-do list during the school year- prepare lessons plans, deliver lessons with differentiation and classroom management, grade student work, RTI, parent communications, school committees, recess duty, bus duty, lunchroom duty, hall monitor, and the list goes on and on.

Teacher summer break is your time to put aside the teacher to-do list and spend YOU time. Take care of yourself this summer by doing these things.

Throughout the school year, you read A LOT! You read books to your students, professional development books for school or other classes, student work, and emails from colleagues and parents.

But how often do you make time to read for fun?

Don’t we all have a stack of books that we will read “someday”? Make that stack a little smaller. Read for the enjoyment of reading. Read a book of your own choosing, not one assigned to you. Curl up on the couch or sit on the beach, either way, get lost in a good story. 

Sleep in, at least a little bit

You get up early every morning to get to school on time. That go-go-go of the school year makes mornings very busy!

It may not be that easy for you, and you may not do it every day but do let yourself sleep in at least a couple of times. If you really can’t sleep in, just give yourself a slow morning to stay in your pajamas and rest for a couple of hours.  

Dawson's Creek crying meme "when I wake up at 6:30 on summer break"- teacher summer break

Pamper Yourself

Schedule YOU TIME. After a school year of taking care of all the kids in your class, you deserve some time to take care of yourself.

This looks different for everyone. Go get a pedicure, get your hair done, or a massage. Go to lunch at your favorite restaurant. Take a drive to the beach or up into the mountains.

Whatever it is, do something that fills your cup.

Do those things that you push to the side because you are so busy during the school year. 

"my summer break goal" Chandler Bing in bathtub gif "It's so hard to care when you're this relaxed" - teacher summer break

Devote time to hobbies

Life is so busy during the school year, that it seems like there is never enough time. During your teacher summer break, make time for things that you love to do. Tackle a project you have been wanting to get done or learn a skill. The time is yours to be able to do those things. 

Take a vacation

It’s called summer vacation, isn’t it? Take a vacation on your teacher summer break!

Go camping, take a road trip, sit on the beach, whatever you are able to do. Take a few days away to enjoy a different place with your family. 

Enjoy time with your loved ones

Most of all, spend time with your loved ones.  Again the school year is so busy, that you may not get to spend all the time together that you want to. Devote extra time to your roles of wife, friend, mom, aunt, or daughter. 

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What are you going to do during your teacher summer break? Tell me in the comments!

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