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These times have been hard. But we don’t have to let them get the best of us. Want to join an amazing community of teachers coming together to get healthy? Read on to learn how to join us!

We did our first round of StepBet and DietBet to ring in the new year, and it was a fun experience! We are now starting Round 2, yes, in the midst of all of this craziness. The dates were set BEFORE all of this went down, but I decided this was no reason to change the plans. If anything, it’s even MORE important now.

The truth is, by taking time for ourselves to exercise and put good food into our bodies, we are filling our cup so we can be there for our students and our families. But also for OURSELVES. We DESERVE it, too.

So get ready for round 2 of the 6 week Wife Teacher Mommy StepBet (beginning April 27, 2020) and the 4 week Wife Teacher Mommy DietBet beginning on May 11. We decided to stagger them this time instead of beginning at the same time. We can ease into the challenges with the StepBet beginning first, and two weeks later start the DietBet. Then they will end at the same time!

You may wonder why you would need to spend money to join a challenge during times like this. And I get it, I truly do. If you don’t want to participate and don’t feel like it serves you at this time, I totally. understand.

But I don’t see this as “spending money”. I see it as an investment in myself, and my health. Plus, I plan on losing the weight AND getting all my steps in, so I will get at least all of the money back, if not more!

Invest in YOURSELF and your health by participating one of these challenges with us.

Join us in making the most of this time, while social distancing. Right now, we are all craving community, and this will give us that. We can still come together via the app and have a community of other teacher moms who motivate each other to take care of ourselves during these challenging times.

Wondering how to decide which game is right for you, or if you should do both? Here’s some detailed information about how each works and the link to each one!


Wife Teacher Mommy StepBet: April 27-June 7

For the StepBet, you will need a fitness tracker (the options are Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin. You can also use Apple Health if you have an iPhone but this means you will need to carry it on you to track your steps). If you don’t have one of these devices, you could try checking the Facebook Marketplace or local classifieds to find a very inexpensive one. I have had a lot of success finding used ones for cheap! 

You are betting $40 that you will hit your step goals each week. These goals are calculated by StepBet. You’ll have to hit 4 active days, 2 power days, and 1 free day. The active goal is calculated by doing a bit more steps than you normally do. Power days are even more than that. There is one free day that you can save for a rainy day. This is good for if you don’t reach your steps one day, forget to charge your tracker, etc.

The first week is also a practice week so you can get the hang of the gist of it. The first week, you will not be penalized for not hitting your goals. If you hit your goals every week after the first practice week, you split the pot!

JOIN OR LEARN MORE ABOUT THE STEPBET HERE (you’ll need to open it on a smartphone): 

Wife Teacher Mommy DIETBET: May 11- June 7.

For the DietBet, you will pay $35 to join the Wife Teacher Mommy DietBet game. You will do an official weigh in at the beginning of the challenge. You will take a picture of yourself on the scale (either in a mirror or have someone take it of you) and another showing the scale with your weight with the word of the day written on it (you’ll find this on the DietBet site or app).
The DietBet lasts 4 weeks, so the final date to weigh in is June 7. If you lose 4% of your starting weight during the bet, you are a “winner”. Winners get their money back plus the rest of the pot (after DietBet fees) is split between everyone. You are guaranteed the $35 back if you win, so even if everyone loses the 4%, they will forfeit their fees so you get it all back.
If it’s your first game, you can try using code JUMPSTART to save an extra $5 on your bet! (This coupon worked for last round, I’m not sure about this round. You can try it!) 

Fit & Healthy Wife Teacher Mommies Community

I have also created a new Facebook group, Fit & Healthy Wife Teacher Mommies, for teachers who want to get healthy and fit. This will combine members who are doing both challenges as well as teachers who are interested and want to learn more about the Wife Teacher Mommy DietBet and Wife Teacher Mommy StepBet challenges. We will also share healthy tips and tricks in the group. You can join the group for free below!

Looking to lose weight as a teacher? This teacher weight loss challenge will help you get fit and healthy with the new year! Join teachers just like you with this teacher weight loss plan. We will bet how much weight we will lose and/or how many steps we will take. Works with any diet plan such as weight watchers, my fitness pal, etc! You can also use any workout plan. Great for teacher moms who want to lose the baby weight or any teacher who wants to get healthy & fit! #fitteachers #teachermom

Shift that mindset! It’s not spending extra money. It is an INVESTMENT in yourself.

You may wonder why you would need to spend money to join a challenge. I don’t see this as “spending money”. I see it as an investment in myself, and my health. Plus, I plan on losing the weight AND getting all my steps in, so I will get at least all of the money back, if not more!

Sure, you COULD use weight without joining a challenge. But this challenge is extra motivation to lose the weight or get active, along with a community of teachers who are doing the same.

Inside the DietBet and StepBet apps, you can communicate with other challengers right inside the app. While I love our Facebook groups (and I think you should join those too!) I love the community inside the challenges because everyone is working towards a mutual goal. You’d think that everyone would want others not to succeed so they get more money at the end, but that is truly not the case! We want EVERYONE to succeed!

I also love that you can check in easily after a workout or to express challenges with what you’re working on… WITHOUT getting distracted by other things on Facebook (it’s not just me who does that, right?) I’ll be checking into the Facebook group, of course, but I’ll be posting even more specific tips and tricks inside of the challenges.

What are you waiting for? Join one or both of the challenges below. Can’t wait to see you inside the challenges!

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