Teaching Ideas and Resources for 1st Grade

Elementary school is a time for rapid growth. Your first graders will learn so much this year, and you are the lucky one who gets to witness it! These teaching resources for 1st grade will allow you to do just that!

Sub Binders & Plans

I know how hard it is to plan for a sub with primary students. First graders are attached to their teacher, and you know how to relate to your kids. When you’re faced with whether or not to call in sick or take that rare personal day. Take care of you, and put together a sub binder and plans one time early in the year. You (and your first graders) will be ready!

The first grade emergency sub plan bundle includes 476 pages with five sets of sub plans! You’ll never run out of plans for your first graders. It also comes with a free sub tub organization bonus. These plans pair perfectly with the sub binder bundle for both long and short terms sub needs. Get content area-specific sub plans with ELA sub plans, Math, Science, and Social Studies, all for first grade.

Once you’ve got your plans together, you’ll also want to put together a sub binder with all of the information the sub will need to know about your class. With little ones, this is especially important because they can’t always communicate what they need. Having this binder will be very helpful for your sub!

Want to try before you buy? You can even grab our FREE sub plan and sub binder samples below!


First graders get so excited about Math when you involve fun, engaging activities. I love seasonal math activities to get first grade students pumped to learn basic math skills for first grade.

Halloween is not only a time for candy and ghosts; it’s also for sorting, graphing, learning addition and subtraction, and comparing numbers. Oh, and why not do that with candy?

Christmas math activities are so much fun for holiday parties. Featuring gumdrops, there are activities to sort the candies, subtract, add, compare, and graph as well.

Keep the holiday fun coming with similar math bundles for Valentine’s Day and conversation hearts, marshmallows on St. Patrick’s Day and conversation hearts, and jelly beans for Easter. These holiday bundles also come with Language Arts activities as well!

The addition and subtraction board games are still a math time hit with your first graders. Try the colored 1-20 cards in both addition and subtraction or provide scaffolding with the 0-10 group of cards. Each game comes with printable Instructions, game board, dice, game markers, game cards (0-10), game cards (11-20), and a black and white version of every page.

Reading and Writing

My go-to ELA activity all yearlong is secret student writing. For each activity, the students will be a “Secret Student” to an assigned classmate. Incorporating kindness is key as they receive prompts and write letters to their recipient. It should remain a secret as they prepare acts of kindness for their “Secret Student” and reflect in writing. Here are a few examples of our secret student units:

This bundle incorporates reading and writing standards and is a perfect way to celebrate any time of year. Whether it’s back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or winter, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, or the end of the year, “secret writing” is a way to build community and writing skills in your classroom.

Don’t forget about the sight words for your first grade students. Reviewing these need-to-know words with your students is so much fun with a board game!

Encourage reading for fun with reading logs to track choice reading. Goal setting and reading at home with parents is a perfect way to use this in first grade.

The ultimate reading challenge is a great way to motivate students to read! A book challenge for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades and homeschool. Includes reading logs, reading awards, bookmarks, and more!

Science & Social Studies

First grade students are learning about the world around them through science! Learning about living and non-living things through a classification lesson and a “relay race” sorting activity.

Spread kindness with a lesson on respecting differences and exploring personal differences in the classroom.

Want to see ALL of our teaching resources for 1st grade? You can see them all below! They are also available in our Teachers pay Teachers store.

Items on Amazon that we love for 1st Grade

Having hands-on activities is so important for young kids. These items will be so useful for a variety of activities in your classroom!

Check out all of our Amazon teacher favorites below!

These teaching resources for first grade will keep your students engaged all year long and take some time for prep off your plate! Any questions about our teaching resources? Hit the “chat” button in the right hand corner and let us know!

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