Teaching Ideas and Resources for Kindergarten

Welcome back to school, Kindergarten teacher! Here’s to an amazing yet busy year of teaching your students beginning reading and writing skills, starting with some basic math concepts, and helping them learn to be kind, caring kinders! These teaching resources for Kindergarten will allow you to do just that!

Sub Binders & Plans

It’s always important to be prepared for a substitute or guest teacher. Your kindergartners are used to the routines and procedures you have established and had those high expectations in place will make it not only easier for a sub, but easier for you when you return to class. Let your substitute know exactly what to expect when they walk into your classroom with ready-to-go emergency plans and a sub tub and binder with all the information they need.

The Kindergarten sub plan bundle includes five sets of emergency sub plans for a ready-to-use sub tub or binder. Getting ready for a sub has never been easier with pre-made yearlong ELA sub plans and Math sub plans for your Kindergarten classroom.

Once you’ve got your plans together, you’ll also want to put together a sub binder with all of the information the sub will need to know about your class. With little ones, this is especially important because they can’t always communicate what they need. Having this binder will be very helpful for your sub!

Want to try before you buy? You can even grab our FREE sub plan and sub binder samples below!


Your kindergarten students are learning more about counting, forming numbers, and basic math operations. Math can be so much fun for these budding learners with review sheets and games made just for them!

My 0-20 counting worksheets help your Kindergarten students review counting and writing their beginning numbers. Use the Write, Circle, Draw sheets to review number formation by tracing and writing numbers 0-20. Your students will love learning through these interactive worksheets! The counting worksheets are also available for all major classroom holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Try other holiday related Math activities for Kindergarten like the Easter jelly bean math activities that review counting, along with teaching graphing and sorting. The activity also focuses on basic addition and subtraction as well. Get ready for any classroom holiday party or unit with this year-long holiday math bundle for Kindergarten.

Your students will love playing board games to reinforce basic math skills like addition and subtraction. These board games are great for all levels since they use colored-coded cards for numbers 1-10 and 1-20 in both addition and subtraction. Each game comes with printable Instructions, game board, dice, game markers, game cards (0-10), game cards (11-20), and a black and white version of every page.

Reading and Writing

Kindergarten is the perfect time to start learning how to write the alphabet! Letter writing practice and tracing worksheets can make learning letter formation fun.

Your students will also enjoy write, circle, draw letter writing practice, ready-to-go with every letter from A to Z!

Comic books are also a great way to get young kids writing! Check out our Earth Day Superheroes comic book activity.

Sight words are so important in Kindergarten! Your students will enjoy this sight word board game. Once they start to recognize some of their high-frequency words as they read, they’ll be more confident readers!

We have a game for CVC words as well!

Even beginning readers in Kindergarten can start using reading logs to track their own reading. Share a reading challenge with parents and students with a parent letter, then start a challenge for your class! See how many books they can read or have read to them. Set special goals and celebrate their success!

The ultimate reading challenge is a great way to motivate students to read! A book challenge for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades and homeschool. Includes reading logs, reading awards, bookmarks, and more!

Want to see ALL of our teaching resources for Kindergarteners? You can see them all below! They are also available in our Teachers pay Teachers store.

Items on Amazon that we love for Kindergarten

Having hands-on activities is so important for young kids. These items will be so useful for a variety of activities in your classroom!

This school year, get all the teaching resources for Kindergarten you need and save time and stress! Focus on the thing that really matters, your curious, sweet kindergartners!

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