Teaching Ideas and Resources for Preschool and Pre-K

You are a wife, teacher, and mom, and life is busy! Spending time creating resources, lessons, and sub plans for your classroom can be overwhelming, and it also can take time away from your family and personal life. Consider using pre-made teaching resources for Pre-K as part of your self-care routine. Check out the resources that every Pre-K teacher should have in their arsenal.

Sub Binders & Plans

The last thing you want to do when you are sick or planning on being absent is to create lesson plans and write up everything your guest teacher knows when it comes to your Pre-K kids.

The Pre-K sub plan bundle includes five sets of emergency sub plans for your perfect sub binder. Make sure you include all important information on procedures and student needs in your sub binder or tub. With these emergency plans, you’ll be prepared for the entire year of Pre-K!

Once you’ve got your plans together, you’ll also want to put together a sub binder with all of the information the sub will need to know about your class. With little ones, this is especially important because they can’t always communicate what they need. Having this binder will be very helpful for your sub!

Want to try before you buy? You can even grab our FREE sub plan and sub binder samples below!


Teaching Pre-K math is so much fun! It’s amazing to watch your youngest learners grow as they learn how to count and begin basic math operations.

Try 0-20 counting worksheets in different themes. Pre-K kids love the Write, Circle, Draw sheets to trace and write the numbers, count the number by circling the correct picture, and follow the directions to add the correct number to the picture. If you have a thematic unit or Holiday party, try counting worksheets in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine themes!

Your kids will also love the Easter jelly bean math activities with counting, graphing, sorting, addition, subtraction, and more! These and other holiday math activities are ready-to-use in the year-long holiday math bundle for Pre-K.

Basic math skills begin in Pre-K. Try some addition and subtraction board games that focus on numbers 1-20. Teaching basic math skills can start as early as Pre-K! Differentiate instruction with colored-coded cards for numbers 1-10 and 1-20 in both addition and subtraction. Each game comes with printable Instructions, game board, dice, game markers, game cards (0-10), game cards (11-20), and a black and white version of every page.

Reading and Writing

Pre-K is all about learning ABCs! Focus on the alphabet with letter writing practice and tracing worksheets for your preschool learners. All 26 letters are represented in both these sets for beginning and more proficient learners!

My favorite letter writing resource is write, circle, draw letter writing practice. This resource is so easy to use for daily lessons or to leave for a sub. Students can also work at their own pace. Think of making a writing notebook using all the letters! Awesome! Each resource comes with a note to the teacher, alphabet review lesson plan, 26 black and white alphabet “Write, Circle, Draw!” worksheets for each letter of the alphabet, 26 colored versions of the alphabet worksheets, and 26 Answer keys for each ABC worksheet.

Ready for sight words for some of your Pre-K kids? Try this sight word board game to get your learners excited about learning to read! Like the math skills game, your preschoolers will have everything they need to learn their beginning sight words with this ready-to-go resource.

If your pre-k students are ready to start reading, we have a CVC words board game as well.

Want to see ALL of our teaching resources for pre-school and Pre-K? You can see them all below!

Items on Amazon that we love for Preschool and Pre-K

Having hands-on activities is so important for young kids. These items will be so useful for a variety of activities in your classroom!

Check out all of our Amazon teacher favorites below!

The most important thing to remember when teaching Pre-K is that kids need time to play! All of these resources are designed to focus on academics while having fun! Your curious preschoolers will love learning, and you’ll get a much-needed prep break with these ready-to-go teaching ideas and resources for Pre-K

Any questions about our resources? Hit the chat button in the right hand corner and we’ll be happy to help you as soon as we can!

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