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Free Resource Library

Have you checked out the resource library lately? I’m always adding new freebies! You’ll find the password in the email you just clicked on so go ahead and check it out right now below! (And always be on the lookout for my emails so you know right when I post new ones!) (If you somehow stumbled on this page without signing up- click here to sign up!)


If you like the freebies, you will also love our most popular resources in the shop below! These full-fledged resources will provide you with even more value. Our substitute binders and substitute plans are loved by teachers everywhere! The peace of mind and time saved is priceless.

  • Ready To Go Sub Plans
  • Our short and long term substitute binders are perfect for any absence!
    Substitute Binders
  • A brand new set of sub plans every month. Save when you buy the entire year of sub plans in the bundle!
    A Year of ELA Sub Plans
  • Maternity Leave Substitute Binder
    This Maternity Leave Substitute Binder will make planning for your leave so much easier!
  • Sub plans maternity leave
    Maternity leave sub plans
  • Special Education Sub Plans
  • Be prepared for substitute teaching with the Substitute Teacher Resource Binder! This bundle has absolutely everything you'll need for substitute teaching in Kindergarten through 6th grades!
    Substitute Teacher Resource Binder
  • Get organized with drag and drop seating charts!
    Drag and Drop Seating Charts can help you get your classroom organized!
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