… Flying to Tampa for some much-needed “me time”, setting sail on the Atlantic surrounded by hundreds of teacher friends, and sipping fruity drinks on the beach of the beautiful island in Cozumel, Mexico… 🍹
This can be a reality when you join me at Teach Your Heart Out: PD at Sea 2024! The event will take place June 28-July 4, beginning in Tampa.
When you sign up for the event now, you only need to put down a $300 deposit; the rest can be paid over the next year.


Plus, to make it even more worth the investment- our team is throwing in some ✨SPECIAL BONUSES✨ to make this event a no-brainer!

When you sign up for PD at Sea using our special link below, you’ll also get:


FREE with your deposit!

YOU MUST USE THE LINK BELOW WHEN YOU BOOK TO GET THESE BONUSES! The commission we receive covers the expense of your physical gifts.

Simply email your confirmation of purchase to hello@wifeteachermommy.com and my team will verify your purchase and send you the link to claim all of these incredible bonuses! I can’t wait to see you on the boat!

Your registration includes the conference fee, cabin, port fees, gratuities, and taxes.
We will have events each day, as well as a Talent Show, Minute to Win It, and Theme Nights. Everyone in your party can take advantage of these activities. 
An email will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase to get your personal information.

Mindset Masterclass

Join us for this FREE webinar to help you deal with feelings of overwhelm and bring balance to your life!


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