Valentine’s Day Teaching Ideas Kids Will Love

Inside: Check out our fun list of Valentine’s Day teaching ideas for your classroom or homeschool

One of my favorite holidays of the year is Valentine’s Day (or “Love’s Day”… as my cute 4-year-old boy calls it!) Well the truth is if you know me I could say that pretty ANY holiday is one of my favorites. I love them all. 🙂 Even still… Valentine’s Day is a time for love and joy and a great opportunity to bring these Valentine’s Day teaching ideas kids will love to your classroom or homeschool! From math to writing Valentine’s Day activities, there’s something for every content area!

These valentine's day teaching ideas include fun and engaging Valentine's Day teaching activities. These include candy heart math, conversation heart activities, Valentine's Day crafts for kids, Valentine's day worksheets, February sub plans, and more! Low prep and no prep Valentine's Day teaching ideas included for elementary grades. Also contains great homeschool ideas! Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade. #wifeteachermommy #teachersfollowteachers #teaching

Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Math Activities

Grab a bag of your favorite Necco or Sweethearts conversation hearts for math activities that will keep your students engaged throughout the month of February. You can find these activities for Pre-K through 6th grades. Use the candy hearts to count and sort by color for students just learning their numbers.

valentine's day candy heart sorting by color

Bring it up a notch with a graphing activity where students can plot their count and sort data on a bar graph.

valentine's day candy heart graphing worksheets conversation hearts

Students can even compare the numbers for each color by comparing numbers activity. This activity is so much fun! The kids love turning the crocodile to face the bigger number. There are crocodiles for greater than, less than, and equal to. This Valentine’s day comparing numbers activity helps children to find the number that is bigger. The crocodiles are even wearing a festive Valentine’s day hat.

valentine's day comparing numbers with candy hearts conversation hearts worksheets 1st grade 2nd grade

Older students can use candy hearts to learn about fractions, comparing fractions, and probability. This means the older kids get to use the fun crocodiles as well! When I was student teaching in third grade, I did candy math activities like this with my students and they LOVED it.

valentine's day comparing fractions worksheets and math activity for upper elementary 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade

Conversation Heart Activities for Language Arts

The candy hearts activity bundle also comes with other Valentine’s Day related teaching ideas for your classroom in the areas of writing and reading. Try out the “Love Letter” Mad Lib assignment that reinforces parts of speech or try having students write their own open “love letter” using conversation heart words and phrases. Candy hearts plus learning make these activities sweet at any grade level!

(ELA Pics)

You can also find these activities in the Holiday Candy Math & More Growing Bundles that include all 5 holidays for 20% off!

Need some candy hearts? Grab those below!

Secret Valentine Writing

Writing skills are so important in the elementary classroom but just as important is building community! Assign your students “secret valentines” that they will write letters to during the month of February. The plans are all ready for you, and you’ll start with an introductory story to get your students excited about writing kind letters based on writing prompts leading up to Valentine’s Day.

(Secret Valentine Video?)

Involve parents with a parent letter, and set up a party for the “Big Reveal” day. Your students will love to get special letters from their classmates with this writing activity. The plans also come with teacher responses to hold the students accountable for their letter writing.

Conversation Heart Frame

Grab your phone or a camera and snap some pictures of your students to make a perfect gift for the true loves in their lives, their parents or guardians! Print out an adorable frame-worthy photo and have your students make their own conversation heart frames just like these ones!

Magic Color Scratch Hearts for Educational Activities

Try out these cute and mess-free magic color scratch hearts for an easy Valentine’s Day activity. Students can draw pictures, write their sight or high-frequency words, or make special valentines for their friends and family! This is a super low prep activity, but very engaging and fun for kids.

Valentine’s Day Writing Activities Galore!

My February ELA sub plans make it easy for you to have plans for your guest teacher ready to go. Whether it’s a planned absence or you have a last-minute emergency or illness, there are so many easy to integrate writing activities in this bundle.

Your students will love fixing the convention errors in the “Candy Hearts” sentence activity. The “What Does Love Mean?” expository writing lesson and activity will help your students discuss a deep concept like love while learning about the writing process from brainstorming to publication.

For the upper elementary students, one of my favorites is the Valentine’s Day ELA Review game, complete with dice templates to print and fold in order to review parts of speech. Writing instruction can be tedious, and these activities make it easy for your kids to find love in Valentine’s Day writing!

Monthly sub plans are available for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades, and 3rd through 5th grades. Make your whole year easier with sub plans for any content area year-round.

Don’t need a sub? That’s okay! These Valentine’s Day activities are simply NO-PREP activities that are ready for ANYONE to use, whether it is for a substitute or you to use in your own classroom or homeschool.

Valentine’s Day Letter and Number Handwriting Practice

Handwriting practice is important for pre-k and kindergarten children, but it can get very monotonous. Mix things up with Valentine’s Day Write, Circle Draw! Worksheets for both numbers AND letters.

Valentine's Day letter and number writing practice for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. These printable Valentine's Day handwriting worksheets can be put together into journals. They are a great way to improve alphabet writing and number writing for penmanship. A-Z and 0-20 activities. #prek #kindergarten

In the Valentine’s Day Write, Circle, Draw! A-Z worksheets, students will trace the letters, then free write them. Then they will circle the picture that begins with the letter. A key is included for the teacher! Since the Valentine words are a bit trickier to know from the picture, have the students listen to the sounds to identify as you tell them what the two pictures are. Once they have done that, they will draw something that begins with the letter and reminds them of Valentine’s Day!

Alphabet handwriting practice A-Z for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten! These printable alphabet worksheets are a great way for students to practice penmanship. These are perfect letter writing worksheets for your classroom or homeschool! They are great for February homework, centers, or independent work. #prek #preschool #kindergarten

The Valentine’s Day Write, Circle, Draw! 0-20 Worksheets follow a similar pattern. The students will trace and then write the numbers. They will circle the picture that has the number of items on it. Then, they will add the number of items to a picture. See the example below!

Valentine's Day number writing worksheets 0-20 for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten teachers! These printable worksheets are a great way for students to practice penmanship. Great for your classroom or homeschool. You can also use for just 1-10 or 11-20 number worksheets. Make a great number journal! #prek #preschool #kindergarten

I printed these worksheets and bound them to make them into journals. They would be great for independent work, homework, centers, and more! Perfect for your classroom or homeschool. Check them both out here!

This February, try some new Valentine’s Day teaching ideas kids will love by integrating math, writing, and art with fun, candy, and love-themed projects. Your students will thank you for the love and care you put into the plans in February and all year!

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