Where to Print Worksheets When You Don’t Have a Printer

Whether you’re homeschooling, participating in remote learning, or tired of dealing with the school printer, a common question among readers has been, “Where do I print worksheets when I don’t have a printer?” Believe it or not, there are places and resources available to help you get all the materials you need for your students and your own children without a printer. 

Where to print worksheets without a printer at home.

Places to Print

The Homeschool Printing Company

First, The Homeschool Printing Company is an excellent place with affordable prices to meet your homeschooling needs. Since you’ll place orders in advance, some planning ahead is needed. Prices are affordable and competitive. You’ll want to send your materials in PDF format. Other add-ons like lamination, binding, and three-hole punching are also available. 

Materials are shipped via the United States Postal Service, and turnaround times vary depending on workload and season. You’ll be notified of the turnaround time when you place your order. 

Office Supply Stores

Next, office supply stores such as Office Max/Office Depot, Staples, and Kinko’s offer printing services that range from single sheets to large posters and art prints. Check with your local office supply store for teacher discount programs. These are often extended to homeschool teachers as well! 

Turnaround time for office supply stores is generally within hours with the exception of very large projects. You can place the order online from home or in the store.

Public Libraries

Many public libraries offer computer and printing services for a low rate for library card holders. Most libraries have standard rates of 20 cents or more per page, so if you have more documents and worksheets to print, it may be worth it to look into one of the other bulk options listed. Copy machines are also great library resources when you’re printing multiple copies of the same worksheet or document. 

Photo Departments

Some drug or department stores with photo departments also offer printing services. CVS Copy Services rates are similar to libraries at 19 cents per page for one-sided black and white copies. Other services are available. Check with photo departments in stores in your area if you need a quick printing job.

Shipping Stores

FedEx and UPS both offer printing and copying services in their stores. Orders can also be made online to pick up in their shipping store locations, or they can be delivered directly to your home. 

Alternatives to Printing Places

All of these places and resources are available for your printing needs, but if you have access to digital devices, there are some alternatives to using a printer!

Go Paperless

Classroom teachers have been raving about paperless classrooms during distance learning. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also saving time and money printing. Homeschool teachers can try this too. Use digital versions of worksheets when available. If you have PDFs that are not interactive or fillable, try Kami to assign digital PDFs

Get an Affordable Printer for Your Home

When you add up the costs of printing, it may be worth it to invest in an affordable, simple printer for your homeschool. Set it up so only you have access to the printer and keep most copies black and white to save on ink. A printer can be a great tool for your homeschool.

There are many places to print worksheets for your homeschool classroom or remote learning when you don’t have a printer at home. Try one of these places online or in-person or check out one of the alternatives to visiting these printing places. How do you print worksheets for your homeschool?

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  1. I have a 12 year old just finished cancer he is home schooling your program seems very helpful. I also have a child that is 15 he has trisonomy q very rare chromosome dosororeder. Mentally 5 ish grade they moth like the paper work and computer. I was a para professional for 2 years then also did dental hygiene until I found about Landin and then my 7 th grade got non Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage2 he is super smart he he even passed for 10 th grade algebra. He does have a hard time staying on tasks but super smart it would be amazing if you could send me more about special Ed and 7 grade right now. I understand the sub binder but that is a lot of your program I need more I or Mation. So you find through google slides on what to do can you file. Besides a sub devider? How much schooling do they do? I love your program so do my boys I just need some guidance. Thank you Brenda Alderman

    1. Brenda,
      Thanks so much for reaching out! I would love to help you with understanding all our different products. I will email you with all the details! Don’t hesitate to reach out in the meantime with any additional questions at hello@wifeteachermommy.com. Thanks again!

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