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Which Resource Bundle Should I Buy?

Do you get decision fatigue?

I sure do! We make so many decisions every day.

That’s why it may be hard to make yet another decision when it comes to purchasing resources such as the 36 Weeks of Skills Practice or Ready to Go Sub Plan Bundles for your classroom. 

Do I get… one grade…? Or do I spend a bit more to get the HUGE Pre-K through 6th-grade bundle since it’s such a STEAL? Then do I get it in print, digital, or both? SO. MANY. DECISIONS.

Which resource bundle should I buy? Woman with questions

Let me help you make your decision!

Pre-K through 6th Grade Resource Bundle

For most people, I think grabbing the Pre-K through 6th Grade bundle is the best option (because it’s SUCH a good deal and I list below the reasons why I think having them all will be useful)

You can differentiate to meet kids needs

If you ask me, if you’re a teacher this is the #1 reason to grab this bundle! Differentiation is key in meeting each of your student’s needs. You’ll have students in varying levels in each subject, so why not meet them RIGHT where they are at? This resource can even work perfectly for center work and small groups!

The full bundle will help you to meet kids right at their level in EACH subject. Working with children, we know that kids don’t all fit in a box. For example, maybe Jose is ahead of grade level in math but struggles with his writing. Or Alexis who is a 2nd grader reading at a 4th-grade level, but is falling behind in math. 

If you’re a parent, you may have noticed this with your own children as well. By grabbing the all grades bundle you can mix and match and meet kids where they are at in every subject.

You can use it in your classroom and at home

If you’re a parent AND a teacher, grabbing the Pre-K through 6th-grade bundle can allow you to use the resources with your own children AND your students. I recommend purchasing the teacher edition if you are a teacher, and you can still use the resources with your own students (and just email us if you’d like the parent bonus as well after purchase)

If you have multiple children, getting the multiple grades bundle will be useful so you can use it for all of your children. And as we discussed above, then you aren’t just limited to using one grade with each child- you can mix and match!

If you’re a parent of young children: If you have children in 4th grade and under, you’ll get a better deal buying the all grades bundle than purchasing again each year. It’s a no-brainer to buy the full bundle so you can have it for your child(ren) for years to come!

You may change the grade level you teach

Also, if you are a teacher you know that you can change grade levels year to year. By purchasing the full bundle you are prepared for that!  

Why get the single grade level?

The single grade level is great if you know you will just want one grade or you’re on a tighter budget. Grabbing one grade level is still an AMAZING deal! 

With any purchase, you are covered by our 180-day grade level assurance, so while you won’t be covered for year-to-year grade changes, you are guaranteed to be covered for THIS school year by purchasing a single grade.

Print and Digital Resource Bundle

Now, once you’ve decided on which grade level or levels to purchase, you need to make your decision about whether you want to get it in print, digital, or both! 

The printable bundles are a solid choice. You can print all the copies that you need, any time you need them. Then you can make yourself a binder or tub to hold everything so that you have it ready at a moment’s notice. A lot of the pages are editable so you can make changes from year to year as your class changes.

The digital option is perfect for virtual teachers! Our sub-plan updates that we completed in March of 2021, look so good in their digital format! There are lots of fabulous interactive activities. You and your students will both love them! 

Or if you are a homeschool parent the digital option is great if you don’t have a printer at home! (Though I do have a blog post all about ways to print worksheets without a printer.) You can just have your kids complete their work on their computers, no paper needed. 

Our digital option comes in Google Slides format, which works perfectly if you use Google Classroom. If you use another digital platform to run your classroom or homeschool, check out this blog post on how to use Google Slides in other digital platforms.

I love having the option of both print and digital! After the year 2020, we all know how nice it would be to have distance learning options ready to go, just in case. While I hope that doesn’t happen again, I do like the thought of being prepared. 

Even if distance learning doesn’t happen this year (fingers crossed!) I like having both options for another reason. I like the printed options for students in my classroom. And if a student has to be absent, for any reason, I love being able to assign them the digital option! That way students can all stay up to date and I don’t have to go through a ton of extra preparation. 



You can’t go wrong with whatever bundle you choose, because you are getting quality content to use in your classroom or homeschool. Choose the one that works best for you!

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