Why Every Teacher Mom Needs Emergency Sub Plans

Notice: This post explains in depth why you want to have your sub plans prepared in advance. For a full step-by-step into putting them together, check out my comprehensive guide to emergency sub plans.

Being a teacher mom can be very challenging at times. This is because when you’re a both a mom and a teacher, you wear many hats. Because of this, many teacher moms do not have emergency sub plans in place. There is always so much to do- so sometimes it can be hard to make time for something that isn’t next on your “to do” list. You know having emergency sub plans is ideal- but everything is so overwhelming and it’s hard to make the time for it!

However, there will be times that you must get a sub and it’s important that you have your emergency sub plans in place. There’s nothing worse for the substitute than to come in to a job with a new classroom and have absolutely nothing to go on to help them. If there are no lesson plans, no notes on the students, or instructions for how to lead the classroom, it will be a disaster.

Many teachers carry this info around in their heads. No one knows their classroom quite like they do. That’s understandable. But what happens when your head isn’t there? In the event that you need a sub, you need to have emergency plans in place to guide that sub. It’s better for the sub and it’s better for your students. While it will never be exactly the same as if you were there, it can come pretty close and help keep things operating smoothly in your absence.

Now I already wrote a post about why every teacher needs emergency sub plans. But truly, I think this is even MORE important for teachers who are also mothers. So why does every teacher mom need emergency sub plans?

You Get Sick- From YOUR kids

You could get sick and miss class. Yes, this is a reason for EVERY TEACHER. But, this happens even more when you are a teacher AND you’re also a mother to children who are bringing home germs as well. Instead of just having germs from your own classroom, your kids are bringing around the bugs going around in their schools and classrooms, too. Not to mention other activities outside of school. And these sicknesses tend to go through the entire family! So you definitely need to have emergency sub plans on hand for these situations.

Germs from your own kids too- teacher mom

Your kids get sick

As discussed before, your kids can get sick last minute. Similar to being sick yourself, you may be up all night with your own sick child. Not only will you want to be home to care for them, but they may not be well enough to go to school anyway. Having plans on hand already will make things easier for you and your kids.

Your child has an accident

Your child could have an accident. If you have young kids, you may have to pick them up from school if they had an accident. Older kids may get injured. If you have teens, they could get in a fender bender and need a ride.

A family emergency

Heaven forbid a sudden injury, death, or other family emergency happens. You will want to spend all of your energy on what matters most- YOUR FAMILY- and not writing sub plans. These aren’t scenarios we like to think about, but it’s important to be prepared in case they do happen.

As a teacher, it truly takes more effort to call in sick than it does to suffer through a sick day in the classroom anyway. It’s a tough job and it’s even more difficult to tell someone else how to do that job. However, when you’re also a mom, you never know when those emergencies will creep up on you. Create your emergency sub plans in advance. Then if you happen to need them, you won’t feel so stressed and you can tend to your parenting duties without worrying about your classroom while you’re away.

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And as much as you love your students, your family should always be your first priority. Putting together emergency sub plans- just in case- is not only something you can do for your students, but most importantly your own family.

ARE YOU A TEACHER, BUT NOT A MOM? Don’t think you’re off the hook! Every teacher needs emergency sub plans on hand. Check out my post for why every teacher needs emergency sub plans.

Why Teachers Need Emergency Sub Plans

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Why every teacher mom needs emergency sub plans

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