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Why Use Printables In Your Homeschool

Fact. There are many great homeschool curriculums out there.  Some cover one specific subject, others cover a little bit of everything. I hope you have found one that works well for your family! 

Fact. No curriculum will cover absolutely everything your child needs to know. Every curriculum has gaps. No matter how much you love a curriculum, you’ll want supplemental material from time to time, either to fill in gaps or to enrich your child’s learning

That’s why at Wife Teacher Mommy we believe in pulling additional resources, such as printables, into your homeschool. So, why should you use homeschool printable activities? 

Basketball reading comprehension passages

Don’t burn yourself out!

You are acting as mom and teacher- you have A TON to do! It can be so easy to burn yourself out.

Homeschooling can be exhausting enough, you don’t need to burn yourself out trying to create your own resources to supplement missing curriculum pieces. By using Wife Teacher Mommy homeschool printables, you can find exactly what you need for your child with minimal prep. 

Extra Practice

From time to time, every child will need extra practice on something. What that topic is will differ, by using homeschool printables you can get exactly what you need. 

First, by using homeschool printables you can find activities specific to the areas that your child needs help in, whether that is to reteach a topic or to enrich their learning. 

Second, by adding in printables you can implement practicing crucial skills on a more regular basis. The more often and consistently you can practice a skill, the better it will stick in your child’s mind.

Save money

Who doesn’t love doing that? Once you purchase homeschool printables from Wife Teacher Mommy, they are yours to use as you need, for as long as you need. That way you can use them over and over for each kid. It’s a great investment in your homeschool. 

Also, you can print out only what you need. Save money on paper and ink by just printing the worksheets that you need at that time. 

Don’t have a printer at home? Check out this blog post about ways to print without one! 

Integrate monthly themes and holiday activities

One of the great advantages of homeschool is the flexibility and freedom. Your kids will enjoy mixing it up and integrating monthly and holiday theme homeschool printable activities! Incorporating these activities will keep things fresh and new for your kids.

We have themed lessons for every month of the year. These include math lessons & games, writing lessons, comprehension questions, language arts games, and an art activity. 

We have lots of fun single use resources for fun days such as Pi Day (Area & Circumference and Fractions)  and Earth Day

Check out all of our holiday and seasonal themed resources here. 

Our favorite product lines for homeschool printables

We have so many options in our shop! Save 10% off your first order by joining our email and text list here

Year of Homeschool-

Want to get all of the monthly math & language arts homeschool lesson plan sets at a steal of a deal? You’ll get instant access to both complete sets.

Reading Passages-

Tired of spending so much time planning and finding resources for teaching reading comprehension and fluency skills? Look no further! This comprehensive set of differentiated reading passages includes EVERYTHING you need for reading comprehension and fluency, with leveled versions of passages from Kindergarten through 6th grades (we hope to add 7th-8th soon, and if/when we do, they will also be added to this bundle as a free update to our buyers)! There are 32 passage titles included in each set that we kept as consistent as possible as we carefully leveled these passages.

Reading comprehension passages

At Home Learning-

All you have to do is purchase these packets, print them out, and complete the activities with your kids. You won’t have to plan a thing! This Mega GROWING Bundle deal includes seven grade levels EACH with eight FULL weeks of print-and-go, standards-aligned activities, created by a team of licensed teachers, so you can rest easy knowing that your kids will be caught up in school. (They could also be stretched out over a longer period of time if you would prefer to do just an activity or two each day).

At home learning packets

Candy Math-

If your kids love doing math with sweets and treats, you will LOVE these activities! It includes holiday activities with candy for 5 different holidays and one colorful candy themed set to be used anytime. While the math activities may be the highlight of the packet, there are other activities included for each holiday as well as the colorful candy resource. They are a fun and engaging way to get your students practicing their math, color, writing, and art skills.

Cereal marshmallow comparing numbers math worksheet

Research Units-

These units are perfect for kids who are learning how to use informational text and study various science and social studies topics. Great for homeschool families! There are differentiated research journals to suit various ages of students, and students can read content and write their reports at their grade level expectations. Plus, each unit includes a fun and engaging hands-on project at the end…. all planned for you!

Current unit topics include animals and habitats, ancient civilizations, author study, Black history, dinosaurs, extreme weather & natural disasters, holidays around the world, landforms, life cycles, penguins, scientists and inventors, solar system, United States, United States presidents, volcanoes, and women in history.

My United States research journal, research units

Not sure where to start? You can get started with our homeschool printable freebie!

At home learning freebie

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